8-31-12: Live Music | Pseudo Kids, Antique Animals, Koko Beware

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August 31, Loosey's, Live Music
What what?!? Great show to kick off the first football weekend of the year! Hooah! Yes, I said football… music… beer…

$5 – 21+
Doors @ 9:00PM, music @ 10:00PM

$2 PBR Tallboys
$3 wells/$5 Double wells

Kitchen open ’till 1am! Yeah, I said it. Get yer’ good grub right here!

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About Pseudo Kids

Aug 31, Loosey's, Live Music“We believe in pop music. We believe in our friendships. It helps us stay glad.” So the local kids (Dante, Fletcher, Scott, Michael, Chris, Collin, and Dave) call their genre “Rock calsificado como Yacht”. Mm-kay. Let’s hear them play that now.
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About Antique Animals

August 31, Loosey's, Live MusicThis Jacksonville band is bringing you their special indie folk Americana spin on delicious sounds for your ears. Local roots for local folks.
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About Koko Beware

August 31, Loosey's, Live Music“koko beware is a garage surf outfit out of athens, ga. playin songz 4 u 2 dance 2” Well besides the fact that they are fluent at texting, these two can get the music going and quite possibly make you feel like dancing. Even you guys that don’t have any natural born rhythm.
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Loosey’s Pub, Downtown Gainesville

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